About Us

With many years of experience, A&C Custom Woodworking is committed to quality workmanship and friendly personal craftsmanship. While other companies draw you in with a salesman and then pass the job on to contractors with no personal connection or understanding of your vision and need, A&C Custom Woodworking provides you the same personal contact from beginning to end. The “salesman” helping you to plan your project with our full range of products, is the same craftsman that will be erecting and installing your customized deck or fence. This ensures consistency through planning, purchasing, and construction; no surprises! With A&C Custom Woodworking, the salesman always has a hand in the installation. He is on every site, talking to every home owner and addressing every issue personally.

A&C Custom Woodworking offers a full range of products. This provides you, the client, with many options to achieve your unique look and meet all your outdoor needs. Many of our products and services are covered by industry warranties providing you with peace of mind. Together, the team at A & C Custom Woodworking has over ten years of experience. We offer expert service, knowledgeable advice, and a professional experience. A&C Custom Woodworking stands out, not only because we are a people company but we also strive to please our customers with the best service and a worry free installation process from beginning to end.